Where is my order?

To know the status of your order please follow the steps below: Visit the Track Order section on the website Enter your Order ID & Phone Number You will get to know the status of your order (Is it confirmed, out for delivery, packed etc.) Rest easy! If you would like to talk to our customer care representative about your order, you could give us a call on 022-39971819 or drop us a mail to support@sacorinadalip.com

How do I reschedule my delivery or pick up?

To reschedule delivery, please write to support@sacorinadalip.com with: Your Order ID The new delivery date Please note that we will be able to reschedule a delivery only till 2 days prior to your original delivery date. Let’s say you need the outfit on 5th, so you will have to inform us about the new delivery date latest by 3rd. However, we can accommodate pick up rescheduling till the day of the pickup.

I'm not able to place my order..

We're so sorry you're facing hiccups while placing an order, we'd hate to inconvenience you further. So here are some options: Call us on 022-39971819 Email us on support@sacorinadalip.com Our team will resolve your issue swiftly!

I want to cancel my order.

Oh no! Cancellations make us sad. However, to make it easy for you we allow cancellations anytime.You can cancel the order by dropping an email to support@sacorinadalip.com with the order ID and phone number or by giving a call on 022-39971819.

My pick up has not arrived

We're sorry to hear that! In case your pick up has not arrived at the scheduled date then please drop a mail to support@sacorinadalip.com with your order ID & our team will get back to you regarding the status or to reschedule it for you. Should my Measurement, Pick-up and delivery address be the same? We are very flexible as per our customer’s requirements. We do not mind different addresses for measurements, delivery and pick-ups. However, while placing order you will have to select one address. After the order is placed, you can then mail us at support@sacorinadalip.com or call us at 022-39971819 with the order ID, phone number and your address change requirements.

What if the delivered outfit doesn't fit me?

However hard we try to delight you - on rare occasions sometimes a dress doesn't fit as well as you'd like - we get it! Don't worry, Flyrobe has got you covered. Here is what you should do:

In case of custom fitted Men's wear and Women's ethnic wear:

Please email us on support@sacorinadalip.com or call us at 022-40907198 within 12 hours of receiving the outfit, if you have any issue with it. Our fit expert will try to re-fit the outfit and deliver it to you. You can also request a full refund by returning the outfit.

In case of non-custom fitted outfits:

If the outfit doesn’t fit, you can return it. Please email us on support@sacorinadalip.com or call us at 022-39971819 within 12 hours of receiving the outfit. You can request a full refund.